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Welcome Message from Pastor Buster Swoopes, Jr.

Friends, family and guests,

We would like to welcome you to the Katy Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel to the entire world. As you go through our site we would also like to welcome you to worship with us at our church and experience the joy of communion with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our church services begin every Saturday morning with a spiritually enriching Sabbath School program where we discuss the week's Sabbath School lesson and share our walk with our Lord. This program begins at 9:00am followed by our Divine Service at 11:00am. On sabbath afternoons we have youth programs such as AY which begin at 6:30pm, as well as other church programs such as Adventurers, Pathfinders and Community Outreach Programs such as Feed the Hungry and Drive By Prayer. Every Wednesday we have Prayer Meeting from 7:00pm. 

It is truely a blessing to worship and serve God and we welcome you to come and enjoy this wonderful experience with us.


Health Seminar  - Nov 15th 2014 - Don't miss!!!


Featured Sermons:

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Sermon by Sammy Arevallo titled - "War Broke out" on October 25th 2014

Sermon by Pastor Buster Swoopes - Oct 18th 2014

BLING Sabbath - Processional
B.L.I.N.G stands for "Bringing Lost Individuals Near God")

BLING Sabbath Sermon titled - The Prodigal Son by Pastor Buster Swoopes
B.L.I.N.G stands for "Bringing Lost Individuals Near God")

Elder Rios - Sermon titled "The Prophet's Question" on Sept 27th 2014

Featured Praise Songs:

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"Lead me to Your Heart" by Sister Arevalo

BLING Sabbath  - Children's Story titled "The lost Sheep"
                    (Bringing Lost Individuals Near God)


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Upcoming Events

Sabbath School Study - Nov 1, Sat 9:00 AM - Join us for sabbath worship every saturday morning. This...
Divine Service - Nov 1, Sat 11:00 AM - Join us for sabbath worship every saturday morning. This...
AY Meeting - Nov 1, Sat 6:00 PM - The YOUNG & YOUNG AT HEART are all invited to participate...
Soccer - Nov 2, Sun 5:30 PM - Competitive fun and exercise each Sunday evening on field...
POTLUCK (Lunch) - Nov 15, Sat 1:00 PM - Let us take the opportunity to break bread together. ...
AY Meeting - Nov 15, Sat 6:00 PM