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Financial Goals

The chart below represents our financial goals subdivided into 3 categories. As you can see our largest expense is Transportation. We are hoping to raise this amount through fundraising efforts (the first major one which will be on 3/29/14), as well as local donations. PS: The amount is based on quotes issued to us and is subject to change if competitive offers become available.

We invite your prayers and continued support; please join us in supporting our youth.


Total Cost Categories


Registration Fee 
($2,340) - Amount met!

2/28/14 - The pie chart below illustrates how we were able to meet the registration cost of $2,340 to register the pathfinders for the camporee.



The chart below represents our "Total Needs vs Collections received" as of 3/22/2014. Our total independent transport costs are ~$10,111.

7.1.14 - **Update Airfair paid totaling $
5,386.42 before luggage (~ $25.00 x 10 - $250) + Bus to and from Camp grounds ($375 x 2 = $750) + Supplies van (~235.00 x 4 = $940). This brings our total estimated transport cost to $7,076.42

Transportation Projections:

1. Fiesta Fundraiser expected (Approx. $2,400) - 3-29-14: Actual amount raised $2916.18 (Received)
2. Fiesta Fundraiser Match expected  (Approx. $4,800) - 3-29-14: Actual $4808 + $2232.36 = $7,040.36 (Pending)
3. November 2013 Mud run Match $ 1,000 (Received)
4. Parent volunteer hours $1,320 - (Received)
5. Grafitti Run volunteer work - $1000 ($800 Received, $200 to be collected)

3-29-14: Below is our new graph after "Who's Got Talent" fundraiser assuming all collections received:


Food / Supplies

Food for all Pathfinders, Staff and accompanying parents will cost $2,200 for the week. Depending on funds collected at the Fiesta fundraiser and other volunteer efforts between March and May, a second fundraiser stated below may or may not be necessary.

PS: This fundraiser is subsequent to board approval.

1. Fundraiser 2 (May 2014) Approx. $2,200

3-30-14: Food Update:

At this time we have no plans to request another date for Food fundraiser; instead we will use the Transport overflow. Nonetheless we will still participate in volunteer work when the opportunities present themselves in order to raise funds for both Pathfinders and Adventurers upcoming projects.

Final Adjusted Graph
Below is our final adjusted graph: